It was the kind of spring day you want to stand outside in the sunshine, with your arms open wide, soaking in those warm beautiful rays. Instead I was lying in bed, with most of my body covered with painful weeping sores. This condition had plagued me since I was a young child. Beside the physical pain there was also mental anguish, that I was stuck in place, unsure of my future.Life was passing me by.

The medical profession offered some relief but the condition kept returning. During yet another episode i decided,"that's enough. I am sick and tried, of being sick and tried." This decision allowed me to move forward to find answers that would transform my life.

In the over 40 years since this decision, I have  moved from stage to stage,spiritually, physicality and mentally. It also has been a joy to help others discover ways that helped them realize clear direction. Let's work together in a coaching relationship so that you can transition to your next stage of life with confidence..


People transitioning to new stages in later life.



find resolve to take the next step

gain stability out of confusion

plan for one day at a time

transition to your future self

" Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway."  -John Wayne

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